Dean Graziosi is a multi-millionaire who’s looked upon by many people inside and outside the real estate industry. His rags-to-riches story is truly inspiring.

Dean Graziosi - The Early Days

Mr. Graziosi, as a kid, was not very privileged monetarily. His mom raised him as a single parent and worked very hard to provide for him. She was usually working on two jobs in a day just to get enough so both she and her kid can eat meals on a daily basis.

Involved in Real Estate Early in Life

Perhaps, her mother’s hard work is what motivated the young Graziosi to be successful in life.


Mr. Graziosi started venturing in the real estate industry when he was a teenager. He started by making an investment (with not a single penny) by purchasing and setting up the run-down of an apartment near their area.


His First Book

If you’re wondering how Dean Graziosi made an investment without spending a dime, he wrote his story in his new book entitled “Profit From Real Estate Right Now”. After that he wrote many others which can be found on and Barnes and Noble. These books on real estate have helped tens of thousands of people to become more successful.

Although Dean doesn’t really need to share his story with anyone, he decided to write a book due to the condition of today’s economy, especially in the real estate industry. He aims to change the perception that it’s not a good time to invest if the economy is slumping. With his success, he believes that there’s no bad time to make an investment. He’s a believer that investing in real estate is much profitable during hard times.


Most Knowledgeable Man in Real Estate

It’s hard to argue his ideas. Dean Graziosi might just be one of the most knowledgeable people regarding real estate. His expertise in the field helped a lot of people who just started investing in real estate. However, following his ways cannot guarantee success. Like any other business, there are people who become successful and there are those who are not fortunate enough.


Risk Taker and Businessman

You have to realize that there’s no business that does not involve risks. Every successful business person is a risk-taker. You just have to make sure that you have a clear vision of how your business will become a success. You have to be your business’ number 1 fan. You have to believe that it’ll become a success. It’s not bad to be a little worried when you’re deciding if you should invest in something. But once you’re already invested, you should forget all your worries and focus on what you can do to enrich your business.


Taking Chances in Real Estate

Mr. Graziosi took a chance when he invested in real estate. There was no guarantee that it’ll become a success but in his mind, he truly believes that what he did is a promising choice at that time - and boy was he right. Mr. Graziosi is now reaping the fruits of his courage and determination. Right now, he just wants to share as much as he can to help others become a success just like he is.

He finds it gratifying to find out that there are a lot of people who are improving their life because of the knowledge that he shared. He’s not just some “Guru” who’s talking about success but hasn’t found his own.


Dean Graziosi Has a Track Record of Success

You’d find a lot of people who are offering loads of programs that guarantees success. Usually, it’s from people who are just trying to scam and are teaching ways that have no basis and proven result. You need to find a person who’s offering a program that worked for his own success. It has to be someone just like Dean who has a very competent resume and proven track record.

From my personal experience, I have nothing but praises for the programs that I’ve enrolled myself into with Mr. Graziosi. From the first few sessions that I had, I’ve learned so much more than what I expected. There’s no certainty that I’ll become successful in the real estate field like he did. But like him when he was a teenager, in my heart of hearts I believe that I did the right thing by investing in real estate.

Today, Dean Graziosi is more than just a multi-millionaire. He’s a mentor to those who chose to follow his ways and become what he is today in the future. He is a living proof that success can be achieved when you believe.


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