Intelligence is Overrated in Real Estate: Seminars Stress Moral Motivation Over Raw Knowledge

Real estate millionaires come from all walks of life. Some bought a home and then funneled the equity obtained to buy another one. The adventure began with a duplex and ended with the ownership of a small city. The wonderful thing about real estate is that it does not necessarily require a whole lot of knowledge. Some experts may balk at that comment, but it rings true. It takes a very special type of knowledge, and that level of knowledge could be the difference between one- million and 25 million. But, it is not a field that is especially advanced for people to fundamentally grasp.

Some real estate investors have admitted that they are no smarter than anyone else. Dean Graziosi may fit that criteria. In his humble way, he has written on being wildly successful in real estate without ever boasting that his success earns him a special place in the world. He only did what he had to do to succeed.


That kind of humility and transparency can be found in the many real estate seminars he does across the nation. Some real estate investors have big egos. When it comes to negotiating, this can be acceptable. When it comes to teaching, egotism can be alienating. Dean has learned this through the past twenty years working in real estate. He wrote three best-selling books on success in the real estate market, and each one could have contributed to the bloated ego that has cursed many investors. Through it all, he remains sensible. If one has the motivation and a willingness to learn, they can achieve anything.

For more exciting stories and advice on real estate, visit the Dean Graziosi news articles on Huffington Post or read any of Graziosi’s work. His second book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire: How to Build Wealth for a Lifetime in an Uncertain Economy, is particularly illuminating. It details how to be successful when all the cards are stacked.

For now, use the success of others as an example of what could happen when one (or two) combine drive and secret strategies. The results are limitless, quite literally. Secret strategies are not enough in their own right. They must be combined with a willingness to succeed and work at that success every day.

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